Water/Sewer and Real Property Audits

Water & Sewer Audits

The water and sewer bills issued by the New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) often contain errors that cost consumers money.   In New York City, to get an accurate water bill is as unlikely as winning the New York State lottery. Consumers are overcharged for water and sewer usage, adding up to millions of dollars.  You may be owed money and may not even be aware of it. Property owners can’t afford to just pay their bill and trust that the bill is correct.

Our team of auditors will provide a comprehensive audit of your DEP bill, including if necessary a property inspection to verify DEP’s billing. Our audit will identify any billing errors, ways to reduce your future costs and save you money immediately and any refund opportunities you may entitled. National Auditing Services (NASC) will help negotiate the best rate for your business and help secure the maximum refund possible, as quickly as possible, and most importantly at NO COST TO YOU.

Being a New York City property owner, you are aware and familiar with the issues, overestimated bills – overlapping periods – using incorrect rates – broken meters – MCP (Flat Rate Billing) versus metered billing, etc. Most individuals can’t tell if their meter is broken or have the knowledge of whether they are being billed on the correct rate. NASC auditors know exactly where to look for billing anomalies.

Real Property Audits

In addition to our water/sewer auditing, NASC’s real estate auditing division audits New York City Department of Finance taxes and charges to property owners. Our audit will identify if any errors exist in the various tax abatement/exemptions areas such as SCRIE (Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption) DRIE (Disability Rent Increase Exemption), J-51, Shelter Rent, Green Roof Tax Abatement, Cooperative/Condominium Tax Abatement, DHE, REAP, etc.

We apply similar auditing procedures in our review of DOF billing of property taxes and can secure substantial refunds and credits by uncovering tax errors.

If Our Audits Return No Refunds or Credits – We Don’t Get Paid