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Electric, Gas, and Telecommunications Auditing

Many of today’s companies do not have the time or resources to audit company utility bills, this leaves companies vulnerable to errors and overcharges.
Hidden costs, charges for non-existing services, and complex billing codes could be increasing your monthly utility bill every month.
National Auditing Services & Consulting will perform a thorough review of all your company utility bills.
The majority of our work is performed off-site in our offices, minimizing your company time.

With our expertise in utility auditing and our own company developed software, we can audit utility bills for any company in  any state.

Our audit procedure of your company invoices will verify

Redundant billing charges

Faulty meters

Usage charges

Surcharges, taxes & tariffs

Demand reading errors

Invoice Accuracy

Incorrect meter readings

Evaluation of line charges

Consumption review

The list above represents just a few of the most common types of utility billing errors.

Why not put our staff of experienced auditors to work for your company.

NASC is devoted to providing our clients with superior cost reduction solutions and services, all on a NO FEE Basis.

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