Our Team

Carmine Nuzzi
National Auditing Services Consulting

Carmine Nuzzi is the President of National Auditing Services – and has secured our client’s refunds since 1987.  Mr. Nuzzi’s background before starting National Auditing Services was in the accounting and auditing field and holds a BS for accounting and auditing as well.  Mr. Nuzzi’s enthusiasm for securing utility refunds over the past 30+ years has catapulted National Auditing Services to the Country’s premier firm in utility bill auditing and consulting.  National Auditing has assisted thousands of clients that have received Millions of Dollars in Refunds.

Carmine’s hands-on approach keeps him involved in all aspects of his business and he remains passionate about securing the largest refunds obtainable for our clients.  Running a multi-million dollar business hasn’t stopped Carmine from raising 2 boys and 1 girl and spending time with his family.  A core value Carmine holds true to his heart and instills in his dedicated staff.

Dr. Barbara Berger
Executive Director
National Auditing Services Consulting

After a successful career in Education, achieving a Doctorate in Administration from Columbia University, with multiple years as Superintendent of Schools in New York State, overseeing and administering multi-million dollar budgets, Dr. Berger now serves National Auditing Services Consulting (NASC) as its Executive Director. Her vast experience in the public sector serves her well in her role as the Executive Director of NASC, where she is able to negotiate successfully for NASC clients with the myriad of departments and employees within the New York City Department of Finance. Due to her years of experience in the public arena, she effortlessly handles New York City Department of Finance refunds for property owners, especially for educational, religious, not for profit, as well as, for profit institutions. Dr. Berger ensures that all of NASC clients are continuously apprised of their anticipated refunds/credits and is able to secure their very sizable refunds in record time, typically within two months from date of signage with NASC.

Dave Foster
Vice President of Business Development
National Auditing Services Consulting

Dave Foster joined National Auditing Services in 2014 and serves as the Vice President of Business Development.  With a background in Marketing, Mr. Foster continues to bring fresh ideas that cultivate our client list to new levels.   Mr. Foster acts as National Auditing Services primary contact for many of its largest clients as well as supervising our team of 11 energy consultants.  Mr. Foster focuses on New York City Department Finance and DEP issues as well as expanding NASC’s presence outside the New York City and CT areas for Electric and Gas Refunds.  Mr. Foster’s success in the MA, MD, MI, and FL markets have helped propel National Auditing Services to become the Country’s premier utility bill auditing and consulting firm.  Dave is an avid sports fan and enjoys time hitting the links and spending time with his family including his two daughters.

Mario Gentile
Director of Customer Relations
National Auditing Services Consulting

Mario Gentile joined National Auditing Services in 2012 and serves as the Director of Customer Relations.  Mr. Gentile’s background is in accounting and previously worked in the logistics department of a major manufacturer.  This accounting experience proved valuable as Mr. Gentile started his career at NASC as an Energy Consultant.  As Director of Customer Relations, Mr. Gentile acts as the main auditor of electric and gas refund reviews and supervises 6 Energy Consultants.  Mario enjoys watching sports and spending time coaching both his sons and holds strong family values.

Randy Kase
Account Executive
National Auditing Services Consulting

Randy Kase joined National Auditing Services in 2011 and serves an Account Executive.  Mr. Kase’s background in accounting and sales provides him with a unique role at NASC.  Mr. Kase has been a CPA since 1983 and has worked as an international banker heading up tax and corporate finance departments until 2004.  Mr. Kase’s experience allows him to be one of the few NASC team members that complete the consulting process as well as the bill audit.

Rich Greenstein
Lead Engineer
National Auditing Services Consulting

Rich Greenstein joined National Auditing Services in 2008 and acts as the Lead Engineer.  Mr. Greenstein’s main responsibility is to conduct site surveys for NASC refund clients that require a site visit.  Only particular refund opportunities require NASC to verify aspects of the facility such as a meter read.  Mr. Greenstein leads of team of 4 engineers that conduct the required surveys when needed.  Mr. Greenstein also acts as one of NASC’s 11 Energy Consultants.  Rich is an avid fan of craft breweries – which also happens to be an area he concentrates on securing refunds.

Rico Luchetta
Senior Energy Consultant
National Auditing Services Consulting

Rico Luchetta joined National Auditing Services in 2005 and serves as the Senior Energy Consultant.  Mr. Luchetta’s accounting background helped a seamless transition to his role with National Auditing Services.  Mr. Luchetta’s main responsibilities include conducting complete utility reviews as well as assisting the Energy Consultant team in their reviews before the final review by Mario Gentile or Carmine Nuzzi.  Mr. Luchetta’s calming presence is a true value to the Energy Consultant team.  Rico still enjoys playing softball in an over 50’s league.

Vince Tinto
Senior Sales Consultant
National Auditing Services Consulting

Vince Tinto joined National Auditing Services in 2008 and serves as a Senior Sales Consultant.  Mr. Tinto successfully started and sold 3 businesses before moving into the utility recovery field.  Since joining National Auditing Services, Mr. Tinto has successfully worked in the upstate New York market helping businesses recover refunds for their companies.  Born and raised in Westchester County, NY – Vince still retains a strong presence and bond with the community.

Susan Martino
Administrative Assistant
National Auditing Services Consulting

Susan Martino joined National Auditing Services in 2016 and serves as the Administrative Assistant.  Susan is the voice of NASC on the phone and her smiling face is the first clients see upon their visits.  Susan assists our Energy Consultants by facilitating the day-to-day needs of NASC clients as well as act as the conduit to working with the electric and gas utility companies.  Susan enjoys spending time with her rescue pup Bella and crafting and gardening with her daughters.