Telecom Audit

Why You Need A Telecom Audit

  • No Risk Audit
  • A Non-Intrusive Process
  • 80% of Telecom Bills Contain Some Type of Error

When we say audit, we are referring to a historical review looking for errors and over billings.

There are minimal requirements of your IT staff, our unique auditing processes allows us to complete the greater part of our work at our offices.  Most company’s IT staff don’t have the understanding of the complex tariff and tax codes, usage analysis, fee’s, surcharges, and the list of all the other charges that appear on your invoices each and every month, nor do they have the time as their primary function is to make sure the systems are running effectively.  NASC has a telecommunications department whose sole purpose is auditing telecommunication invoices for our customers.

We are not comparing telecom carriers or telecommunications services during our audit.  Below is a small list of items where savings or recoveries can be secured as a result of our audit:

  • Duplicate charges
  • Rates higher then market average
  • Invoice contracts
  • Billing of discontinued services
  • Taxes
  • Usage charges
  • Unauthorized 3rd party billing

A telecom audit performed by us will result in either us securing a refund check, refund credit, or the knowledge that you have been billed correctly.  Today’s businesses from small family owned to multi-national corporations are looking for areas to cut overhead expenses.  The benefit of a telecom audit may help reduce company expenses.