Without the expertise of NASC we would never had known that we were entitled to not only a refund but a reduction on our future electric charges.

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—Jeff Anderson
CEO, Advanced Printing & Graphic Solutions

NASC worked diligently on our behalf. It was verified that our company had been billing correctly at all of our manufacturing plants save one: our smallest operation in South Carolina. NASC’s efforts resulted in our South Carolina plant receiving a refund that was just finalized.

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—Robert Hendrick
V.P. Corporate Responsibility, R. C. Bigelow, Inc.

 The process was easy and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend that any manufacturer engage NASC for this simple, nothing-to-lose process.

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—Tom Auray
EVP, Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

 I am glad we took NASC up on their offer to review our utility bills. In a span of about two weeks thanks to NASC efforts we received a refund check from our utility company.

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 —Susan Brewer
Cigar City Promos

There’s nothing to lose and much to potentially gain, since NASC’s success rate for the printing industry is >75%!

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—David Theriault,
Elite Envelope & Graphics, Inc.

NASC identified some minor billing errors on our gas bill and procured a refund on our behalf… More importantly, the experts at NASC worked with the gas company and corrected our billing going forward.

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 —Lynn Tendler
Office Manager, Graphic Image

I highly encourage any business that is contacted by NASC to invest the small amount of time and effort required to have this ‘gut check’ done. With the ever-rising costs of utilitiers representing a substantial monthly/annual expense, it’s imperative to ensure that an expert does a deep historical dive on these services to ensure money is not being unnecessarily overspent.

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—James J. Pensabene
Senior Finance Manager, Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc.

When was the last time you took time that could literally be measured in minutes and it produced several thousand dollars in refunds and savings? That is exactly what happened in our case with NASC.

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—Brian Fries
President, Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.

As the CEO of a small manufacturing company, Bead Industries, I was happy to hear that NASC would work directly with our utility company to perform a thorough forensic audit of our electricity & gas accounts.

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—Jillian B. Mayer
CEO, Bead Industries

The time invested by the person on my team who spearheaded this exercise has been less than a few hours in total for four manufacturing facilities, each in a different state. NASC successfully procured historical refunds for all four sites, netting us real money in the low-five figures (even after NASC’s fees) that has gone straight to the bottom line.

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—Steve Kempf
CEO, Lee Spring Company

Not only did NASC procure a very nice refund for our facility, but the structural billing errors they corrected as part of the process will reduce our electric bill by at least 7% going forward (and we’re not billed on those ongoing reductions)!

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—Melissa Fracker
Executive Director, Danbury PAL

I was impressed by their efforts and results.

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—Julie Moon
Owner, Powder Coat of Central Michigan

Through their investigation NASC found there to be errors on our billing statements. Southington Tool was due a nice credit and future invoices are to be corrected.

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—Lynette Nadeau
President, Southington Tool & Manufacturing Corporation

Because the process takes literally minutes to put in motion and there’s no risk and no cost unless refunds are obtained, I recommend that every manufacturer who is contacted by NASC strongly consider engaging them.

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—Michael Brault
V.P. of US Operations, Ultimate Wireforms, Inc.

NASC successfully secured nice refunds on our electric bills: more important, they worked with the utility company to correct the structural billing errors which led to the refund.

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—Brian Savulis
President, Yeagle Technology, Inc

I strongly encourage any manufacturer contacted by NASC to invest the very small amount of time and effort required to have this important service implemented.

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—Joseph J. Carlone Jr.
CEO & President, Limemaster

We were very pleased to have used the auditing and cost recovery services of National Auditing Services & Consulting, LLC (NASC) in securing our electric refund.

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—Lukas C. Morawski
Vice President, MP Tool & Engineering Company

NASC worked with the utility companies to correct those errors that led to the refunds which resulted in reducing our costs for gas & electricity by over $10,000 annually going forward from now on!

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—Perry Phillips
Executive Director, The Saybrook in Haddam